Information about Hiring Costumes

How to Hire your costume!

1. Select the costume you want.
2. Pay the hire charge by cash or card ( not American Express)
3. We may ask you for a refundable security deposit (cash or card)
4. Take your costume and have fun!
5. Return the costume on time and in good condition
6. Collect your uncashed security deposit.

You can reserve a costume by letting us know the dates you need it for and we will put it to one side. We will ask for a reservation deposit, which is deducted from the hire charge to ensure the costume is reserved for when you want it.

What is the Security Deposit?

We may ask you for a refundable security deposit. Minor damage and standard cleaning to the costumes are included in the costs. If the costume is returned in good condition, the security deposit will be refunded in full.
If the costume is returned with major damage, staining, is lost or not returned, we will charge from your deposit accordingly.

All Terms and Conditions Apply.